Ing-Tien Enterprise, formally established in 1988, is a renowned 

     motor vehicle parts manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in the    

      manufacturing of an engine overhaul pack for all major car brands. 

     We are the most recognized designer and developer in the steel 

     mould manufacturing field, with several decades of professional

  manufacturing experience.


  Currently, our product focus is on vehicle engine cam gaskets 

  and major/minor engine overhaul packs. 

  But In-Ten has many other types of products.


  Our excellence in quality has been highly recognized among  

  domestic and international vehicle parts manufacturers, as well as 

  among our trade partners.


  Since its beginning, ITE's research and development has  

  concentrated on designing and manufacturing motor vehicle parts 

  and utilizing extremely critical production flow management and 

  quality control regimes. Our goal is to provide consistent service for 

  our customers throughout the entire process of tooling the moulds, 

  forming, assembling and producing the final product. With our 

  professionalism and technically intensive management service, ITE 

  has become a highly regarded and trusted vehicle parts supplier for 

  our customers.