1970 Professional designing & manufacturing of steel moulds for engine overhaul packs 

 1988 Formal establishment of Ing-Tien Enterprise, specializing in the design & 

         manufacture of steel moulds.

  1992 Expand into cam bed / intake exhaust gaskets product line, using 

          mainly stainless steel. 

  1996 Incorporated Ing-Tien Enterprise Co. Ltd., replaced every outdated 

           production machine and introduced the most advanced

           equipment, such as 25-250 ton compressed air injectors and 500 

           ton hydraulics,etc. Transformed the design, development, 

           production, finishing and packaging of engine gasket mould into a 

           streamlined process flow.

   2001 Continued to expand production lines and packaging work for all

           types of engine overhaul packs.     

   2002 Full adoption of a 3D Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided

           Manufacturing program.

   2003 Implemented a computerized ERP process flow to fully

           computerize  purchasing, production, manufacturing and

           warehouse management, and established a congruous service 


   2005 Relocated to the present location as part of expansion.

   2006 Certificated with ISO9001:2000.