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     The TwinMOS Octopus G Series solution that implements

     "Faith" comes from insisting on perfect quality and 100% customer satisfaction

     "R&D innovations, passionate service, solid stability, and value in human resources" are

      the corporate values strongly upheld by ITE. In order to provide the

      best service to our customers, we insist on perfect quality in all 

      gaskets and overhaul pack products.      


      We focus on R&D innovation in vehicle parts products and we adopt

      the latest professional manufacturing techniques with passion and an 

      intense working attitude.


      In order to satisfy the needs of our customers in controlling the

      current production status of products in real time, and to respond to 

      market demands quickly, we have actively implemented a 

      computerized process flow, which has strengthened our service and 

      management procedures in recent years. All this has been done to 

      create a win-win competitive advantage for our partners and



      Faced with internationalized competition in vehicle parts industry,

      we not only continue to expand the product lines of gaskets and 

      overhaul packs, but we also streamlined the design, development, 

      production, surface finish and packaging of engine gaskets. These 

      processes, in combination with hired elite professionals in all

      fields, has actively expanded our international business with 

      considerable success. Our determination to achieve 100% customer 

      satisfaction, and our continuous quest for self-advancement and 

      innovation, has won us respect and accolades among domestic and 

      international customers. "Continuous innovation, research and 

      development, providing excellent products and maintaining speedy 

      service for our customers and working partners are the major reasons 

      why we can stand firm in this fiercely competitive vehicle parts 

      industry." Every employee at ITE constantly strives to provide top 

      quality service for our customers at all times.